Thursday, 26 April 2018


Welcome everyone to my stop on the TLP SNAPSHOTS  Blog Hop!
You are going to fall MADLY in love with this ENORMOUS kit that the fabulous designers at the Lilypad have created just for you!

Remember, the freebies for Part 1 are only available through May 2nd at 11:59 pm EST. Look for Snapshots: The Stories and Snapshots: The Moments in the shop as Free with Purchase kits during our [inter] National Scrapbooking Day celebrations, from May 4-7th.

You can grab my part of the hop below by clicking the image or download link below:
Pink Reptile Designs

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Hello! I'm here filling in for Karen this month. I'm thrilled to get the chance to share with you some lovely finds from the Pink Reptile Designs Gallery over at The Lilypad. These pages are so pretty ... let's just jump right in and have a look, shall we?

This first page, Change, by @heathert stopped me in my tracks. I think the all white and black composition with a few striking touches of gorgeous yellow gold is just such a beautiful look! That strip of gold pattern paper introduces the page and sets the tone for the whole flow of the page: which is move your eye from left to right. The flow is perfection with the theme of change. Every thing falls in line and the end ... that adorable little measuring tape element, LOVE! Amazing execution and beautiful documenting!

pink reptile designs

My next find is Life is Complicated by @jaye. The combination of the perspective on the photo with those bold stripes make me feel like I can jump right into the page. I love the feeling of depth she creates with her choices. I love how the die cut breaks up the pattern a bit and creates a pretty foundation for the photo and elements. I love the  way the soft color pops off all the awesome in your face black and white!!! It's just such a cool, cool page!

pink reptile designs

My last pick for this month is Happiness by @Sharon-Dewi. I mean come on! Her little guy's smile steals the show here. He is adorable. BUT ... her mad skills at making a custom banner and threading techniques are not to be missed either. I love that she created little holes in the paper elements and perfectly threads the string through them. The shadowing is awesome and everything feels so touchable. Plus the page has great flow from photo to photo with the various strung elements. This page is just cute as can be and you can tell she worked on it for a while. Lots of heart and love went into this one here!

pink reptile designs

That's it for now! Keep showing off your digi scrapping skills in the PRD Gallery and maybe next time your page will be highlighted here on the blog! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


April was the perfect month to begin my balcony vegetable garden.

I sowed radish and lettuce seeds. And with my children I planted potatoes, strawberries and tomato plants.
I created several garden tags to decorate and to remember where  my different crops are.

Several years ago, Pink Reptile Designs and Amy Wolff Designs created a super cute kit with a garden theme called Homegrown. It was perfect to create my tags with!

I created them digitally in Photoshop and then printed them.

I decided to create three different designs for three tags.

My tags will be folded in two. The left part is the front and the right part is the back of my tag.

I added the name of my crop to the back.

When I finished my tags, I colored the rectangle in white to be printed.

After printing them I cut themThen I cut them.

Glued a piece of double sided tape on each of them.

Added a toothpick on the double sided tape.

And folded the tags in two.

And finall planetd them in my vegatble garden. Here's the tag next to my strawberry plant.

And two weeks after the seeds sowing, I saw the first radish seedlings.

I love my little vegetable garden and my beautiful tags!

As always I hope you enjoyed my post and if I inspired you in any way, shape or form then by all means make a photo of your project and upload it to your gallery so you can leave a link in the comment section below! I'd love to see what you made! 

Sunday, 15 April 2018


Hello friends!!! Welcome to the April blog challenge! This month, we are so excited to bring back the Round Robin challenge that we did last October, but first we need to announce the winner for March's Template challenge!!! You can take a look at all the amazing entries HERE.

The lucky winner for this month is Trish!!!

Congratulations Trish!!! You have a notification on your TLP account.
All other participants also received their 25% discount coupons via their Lilypad accounts. Please make sure you check your messages everyone and if your coupon didn't come through send an e-mail to pinkreptiledesigns at gmail dot com!

Here's Trish's gorgeous page:

OK, so ... who's ready for another edition of our Round Robin challlenge? To get you familar with the Round Robin idea, the CT did a sample of how it works.

1) Mirjam started things off by picking one page from the PRD gallery. It's a gorgeous page by Electra. We'll call this our "starter page". As she lifted it, she was inspired by the colors, the stripes, the triangle shape and the pieces of tape. It's totally different as you can see!

2) Next it was Gaelle's turn. She lifted Mirjam's page (not the original starter page). As you can see Gaelle did a pretty literal life of Mirjam's composition, but used a completely different kit and colors.

3) Finally Nini had a chance to play by lifting Gaelle's page (not Mirjams page or the original starter page). Nini was inspired by the paper layering but decided to flip the design to fit her photo. She also loved the beautiful green colors and used it a lot on her page to fit the sparkle of green in her photo.

Here's the progression of the Round Robin:

As you can see ... in this Round Robin style scrap lift adventure, the page design morphed and changed a bit, as each scrapper put their spin on things. We thought it would be fun for you guys to try this! So are you ready?

Here's how the Scrap lift Round Robin Challenge will work:
  • If you want to play, sign up in the TLP Designers Challenge thread. 
  • We will put you in small groups of threes : Player 1, Player 2 & Player 3
  • Once you have your group of three - you can decide what order works best for your group (depending on your time constraints and schedules)
  • Player 1 in your group will pick a page from the PRD gallery at TLP (must be from the PRD gallery at TLP) and scrap lift it.
  • Player 2 scrap lifts player 1 (not the starter page).
  • Player 3 scrap lifts player 2 (not the starter page/ or player 1's page).
  • As always, please post your page in PRD gallery and link it here in the comments section of this blog post, so we know you completed your page.
  • Follow the rules below, where at least 75% of your page is made with PRD products.
*If we don't have even groups of threes, no worries! We will adjust as needed.

We can't wait to see the pages you all pick to scrap lift and watch it morph as it makes it's way through 3 different scrapper's digital hands!

Make sure you use at least 75% of Pink Reptile Design products on your page. Once completed, just upload your page to one or all of your galleries and post a link to your layout in the comments section of this post before the next challenge goes live on May 15th.

ONE favorite page will be chosen as the winner to receive a 10 dollar coupon to the PRD store, but really everyone is a winner, as all other participants receive a 25% discount coupon to the Pink Reptile Designs TLP store. So all the more reason to join in on the fun, right?!

Wishing you tons of fun and Happy Scrappin'!

Thursday, 12 April 2018


Hello and Happy Spring if you are in the northern hemisphere. I love Spring because it means saying goodbye to my least favorite season ... winter. I get to look forward to warmer weather, green grass, and flowers! The only problem is that Mother Nature seems to think its still winter and keeps dropping more snow upon us! Not fair. But that’s OK. I’ve been so busy lately, I don’t really have time to enjoy being outside much anyway. Each week my weekly planner page is a scribbly mess of notes, lists, and appointments. It’s getting to the point I can hardly decipher what I really need to do and where I need to be each day. So, I thought it was time I get a little more organized in my planner and perhaps add a little color to make up for the drab, dreary view of winter still lingering outside my windows.

One of the things I love to do is take a digital scrapbooking kit and create a custom sticker sheet just for my planner. I love that I have something unique and that I get to take a small timeout just to play and create for a few moments. This is especially thearuptic when I don’t have a lot of time for a full scrapbook session. So today I’m going to show you how I create a custom sticker sheet from a digital scrapbooking kit. If you’re not a planner … consider how you could use a custom sticker sheet in other ways. Maybe as stickers for your kids to play with? Use them on greeting cards or on envelopes as seals. They would be super cute to mark up special dates on a wall calendar too!

The first thing I do is open an 8.5 x 11 document in Photoshop set to 300 dpi (since I will be printing it). You can easily fussy cut the stickers out by hand, but I usually end up running them through my Silhouette Portrait (so I don’t have to do the cutting myself). I have a little template that I place over my 8.5 x 11 background so I know where to place my elements and can avoid the borders and edges that might not print or cut properly. I keep it set to a low opacity so it is just slightly visible. This just functions as my guide so I don’t inadvertently place anything in those borders. I find this works best for cutting with the Silhouette. Here's the Silhouette cutting guide download if you want to grab it ... CLICK HERE! If you are cutting the sheet out by hand after printing you will not need this template guide. Here is what it looks like:

My happy planner boxes are about 1.5 x 2.25 so I use the rectangular marquee tool set to that exact dimension to draw a rectangle with those measurements. Then I duplicate it a few times. I clip some pattern papers to the rectangles. Some I leave blank to write on and others are just to add some fun spots of color in my weekly planner spread. Some I will add some Word Art for functional uses or even just happy inspirational quotes to motivate me during the week. For this week's spread my Happy Planner colors were sort of melon and orange and I was excited to see it perfectly matched with Pink Reptile Design's New Beginnings kit. This kit is Goal oriented and has a cute planning and To Do list theme that really works for creating a custom planner sticker sheet. I loved the cute little bullet stamps too and used some on my 1.5 x 2.25 boxes. These will make a perfect spot to list all the things I have to do during the week. Here's a closeup of my little boxes:

Then I grab a few cute elements to decorate the planner and make it pretty and fun to look at. This fills up the rest of the 8.5 x 11 document. Many of these items double as functional pieces too. For instance, I love to use round little elements, like brads, to mark appointments or kid's practice times. I love little labels for noting things to do on certain days. Arrows and banner flags are great little elements to mark important dates as well. I find the more colorful and pretty my weekly spread is, the more I am likely to look at it and stay on top of my To Do lists!

Here's my final sticker sheet. You can see the template guide marking the edges to avoid (download cutting guide template here).

As I mentioned earlier you can run this through your Silhouette or fussy cut the stickers out by hand. I print on Silhouette's white sticker paper, but you can use any sticker paper you like. Most of the big box office supplie stores have their own brands or you can find some on Amazon.

Here are some photos of my sticker sheet after I printed them and also some photos of the stickers being used in my planner spread.

So that's it! I just grab elements and make some fun boxes to fill up my 8.5 x 11 document. I print it out at 300 dpi. (If using Silhouette to do the cutting I pull the document into Silhouette's software and print registration marks before sending it to the printer. There are lots of tutorials for Silhouette print and cut. That is beyond the scope of this tutorial.) Finally, I cut the stickers out & add them to my planner. I love having the flexibility to print just the stickers that work for me so there is no waste and I get to stretch my stash so I am using my kits for more than just scrapbook pages!

Friday, 6 April 2018


Spring is for new beginnings. I am so ready to see pretty flowers, green grass, blue skies and warmer weather. Spring is here, and so is the April BYOC!! I am SO excited about the beautiful colors! They totally brought Spring in my step as I hope they will bring to yours!

They inspired me to make another 4 fun packs called Tales Of Spring that are 20% off through April 8 but of course there's special offers for newsletter subscribers!!!
Not a subscriber yet? Click HERE to join the gang!


A beautiful set of 53 quirky and unique elements in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles [60 in total]. The set is inspired by the fresh greens of spring, beautiful blue spring skies, the awakening of nature, flowers popping up, birds singing and the unforgetable fresh smell of dawn ! Perfect for scrapping spring and easter pages!

Tales Of Spring | Papers by Pink Reptile Designs

A great set of 11 go to patterned papers, 11 alternate color combinations PLUS 10 beautifully textured matching solids. Which makes this a fantastic pack of 32 papers in total!!

Tales Of Spring | Papers

A cool plastic upper case alpha with numbers and punctuation that comes in 10 easy to use and re-use colors! Perfect for mixing and matching and creating eye catching titles. Also cute as tiny monograms.
Includes: upper case, numbers and punctuation  [60 characters in total per alpha, in 10 easy to use colors, all seperate .png's.]

Tales Of Spring | Alpha


Rejoice in the little things, give in to whatever tugs at your heart...and off you go!
Let these 4 amazing12 x 12 templates help you capture your spring adventures and easter moments.

Tales Of Spring | Templates

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrappin'!